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  • November 05, 2021 General Announcements

    Join us for our next webinar on December 6, 2021.
    This highly informative session will cover varying perspectives on a myriad of water issues. We will hear the State Water Board’s view on water supply, accessibility and sustainability, and how they view emergency damage control such as water system extensions and hauling. We will hear from a LAFCo Commissioner (and also County Supervisor) from the central valley and get some local context of SGMA, including a case study and insights on what LAFCos can do in terms of dealing with these difficult issues. We will also hear about a case study currently playing out from a northern region LAFCo Executive Officer that involves a community water system in drought crisis, and LAFCos role and challenges in determining an adequate and sustainable water supply.

    Registration is now closed. 

  • October 07, 2021 General Announcements

    CALAFCO congratulates all of this year's Achievement Award nominees, including this year's recipients:

    Outstanding Associate Member  - Planwest Partners Inc.
    Outstanding LAFCo Professional - Crystal Craig, Riverside LAFCo
    Outstanding LAFCo Commissioner - Olin Woods, Yolo LAFCo
    Mike Gotch Excellence in Public Service Award - Napa LAFCo, County of Napa, City of Napa, Senator Bill Dodd (highlighting the protection of agricultural and open space lands and prevention of sprawl)
    Mike Gotch Excellence in Public Service Award - Yolo LAFCo, (highlighting innovation, collaboration, outreach and effective support of the evolution and viability of local agencies, promotion of efficient and effective delivery of municipal services)

  • October 07, 2021 General Announcements

    Congratulations to all of the newly elected and re-elected Board members for 2021-22. We thank all the candidates for their interest in and support of CALAFCO. 
    Central Region City Member is Daniel Parra (Fresno) and Public Member is Anita Paque (Calaveras)
    Coastal Region City Member is Margie Mohler (Napa) and Public Member is Shane Stark (Santa Barbara)
    Northern Region County Member is Bill Connelly (Butte) and District Member is Debra Lake (Humboldt)
    Southern Region County Member is Michael Kelley (Imperial) and District Member is Jo MacKenzie (San Diego)