A Guide to Hosting CALAFCO Conferences and Workshops

If your LAFCo is considering volunteering to host a Conference or Workshop, this guide will help you understand the role and responsibilities. Our Conferences and Workshops are both a rewarding experience for the organizers… and a lot of work. They are the most important benefit to members and a highly valued learning experience. The membership and the CALAFCO Board of Directors appreciates and thanks you for your contribution to the goals of CALAFCO.

This Guide was originally written by Shirley Anderson of San Diego LAFCo. An experienced CALAFCO meeting planner, Shirley’s guidance will be invaluable to you. The Guide was updated in 2006 to add program planning and workshop information, as well as reflect current Association policies. 

The Guide will be updated very soon to reflect CALAFCO's newest policies and procedures regarding Conferences and Workshops.