2017 Conference Materials

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In today’s highly transparent world, public officials are under great scrutiny to always do the right thing. So why are there so many news stories about local government ethical issues? Don’t we learn from others’ mistakes? What happens when decisions are not clear-cut or it seems like a no-win situation? Join us as we explore how ethical lapses occur using real case studies, and discuss practical strategies for LAFCos to use to decrease the possibility of your commission and staff experiencing an ethical lapse. 

Presented by: Kevin Duggan, ICMA West Coast Regional Director
Moderated by: Carolyn Emery, Executive Officer, Orange LAFCo

Here we are at the end of another full legislative year. Join us as we recap the 2017 legislative impacts on LAFCos. We will hear from members of the CALAFCO Legislative Committee as well as the Consultant for the Assembly Local Government Committee. We will also discuss the final report from the Little Hoover Commission and how this may impact the CALAFCO legislative platform for 2018. 

Presented by: Misa Lennox, Principal Consultant, Assembly Local Government Committee; Pamela Miller, Executive Director, CALAFCO; Paul Novak, AICP, Executive Officer, Los Angeles LAFCo; Lou Ann Texeira, Executive Officer, Contra Costa LAFCo

How is Commission decision making clouded in light of differences between technical analysis, political will, and/or community opposition? What are the obstacles for staff and the Commission when evaluating and making these decisions? What key factors impact your decisions? Join us for this exploration of the Commission decision making process. You will hear compelling examples of struggles and successes from Commissioners representing each of the four CALAFCO regions.

Presented by: Shiva Frentzen, Commissioner, El Dorado LAFCo; Michael McGill, Commissioner, Contra Costa LAFCo; Derek McGregor, Commissioner, Orange LAFCo; Josh Susman, Commissioner, Nevada LAFCo
Moderated by: Brendon Freeman, Executive Officer, Napa LAFCo

A panel of seasoned Commissioners and Executive Officers will examine the relationship between these two essential LAFCo elements.  A variety of topics will be explored as panelists engage in a candid discussion of the expectations Executive Officers and Commissioners have for each other.

Presented byMarjorie Blom, retired Executive Officer, Stanislaus LAFCo; Jerry Gladbach, Commissioner, Los Angeles LAFCo; Gay Jones, Commissioner, Sacramento LAFCo; Patrick McCormick, Executive Officer, Santa Cruz LAFCo; Keene Simonds, Executive Officer, San Diego LAFCo; Don Tatzin, Commissioner, Contra Costa LAFCo
Moderated by: Rick Bishop, Executive Director, Western Riverside Council of Governments

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Probolsky Research regularly polls California voters for local government agencies. In this session, they will present the findings from their newest statewide poll specifically conducted for CALAFCO. Join us as we learn how the public identifies with and relates to LAFCo responsibilities and authority. This interactive session will allow you to test your knowledge of the public’s perceptions real-time as the information is presented. 

Presented by: Adam Probolsky, President, Probolsky Research
Moderated by: Pamela Miller, Executive Director, CALAFCO

This informative presentation is intended to assist elected officials and staff members of counties, cities, and special districts who may be new to LAFCo and the work we do. Panelists will discuss a number of topics: the authority and purpose of LAFCo, the LAFCo review process; the laws involved in LAFCo decisions, and updating Spheres of Influence and Municipal Service Reviews. They will also review Legal Counsel and Commissioner perspectives on what makes an effective Commission. We will share insights on why decisions are made the way they are, and explore various experiences.  Join us for this fun and informative session on the LAFCo basics, plus a little more.

Presented by:  Michael Colantuono, President, Colantuono, Highsmith & Whatley, PC; SR Jones, Executive Officer, Nevada LAFCo; David West, Commissioner, Imperial LAFCo
Moderated by: David Church, Executive Officer, San Luis Obispo LAFCo

This session will start with an overview of the legal relationship between LAFCos and Healthcare Districts. We will then explore how local Healthcare Districts are preparing programs and services for the expected increase in the 65-85+ population. The panel will also engage in a discussion of ongoing and future policy and legislative issues with LAFCos and Healthcare Districts.

Presented by: Michael Colantuono, Attorney, Colantuono, Highsmith & Whatley, PC; Barry Jantz, CEO, Grossmont Healthcare District; Amber King, Senior Legislative Advocate, Association of California Healthcare Districts; Martha Poyatos, Executive Officer, San Mateo LAFCo; Sblend Sblendorio, Commissioner, Alameda LAFCo
Moderated by: Robert Barry, Chief Analyst, San Diego LAFCo

A study recently cited that California Cities are more fiscally challenged than other cities across the nation.  Special districts, particularly fire districts, are increasingly proposing consolidation in a reaction to their fiscal challenges.  Many are aware of the fundamental issues: retirement liabilities, Proposition 13 and redevelopment elimination among other.  What can your LAFCo actually do to avert what seems to be a crisis happening in slow motion with little relief on the way from Sacramento?  Should LAFCos do more, and if so, what?

Presented by: Andrew Belknap, Regional Vice President, Management Partners; Marlene Best, City Manager, City of Santee; Joone Lopez, General Manager, Moulton Niguel Water District
Moderated by: Jim Simon, President/Principal, Rosenow Spevacek Group, Inc. 

This unique session features a panel of Commissioners representing LAFCos from each region of the state and with varying budget sizes. Join us to learn from the perspectives of representatives of rural, suburban and urban LAFCos as they grapple with budget and funding issues. The panel will also share some unique funding opportunities they’ve created for themselves to help address the funding squeeze. Small group discussions will give you the chance to share best practices and generate fresh ideas on funding resources for your own LAFCo.

This session will provide case studies of LAFCo Unincorporated Island Programs from different regions of the state. Specifically, the panel will share their strategies for outreach and coordination with cities, counties, and local community groups; identified opportunities/constraints for city island annexations; and, local policies and procedures developed from island program implementation.  

Presented by: David Fey, AICP, Executive Officer, Fresno LAFCo; Neelima Palacherla, Executive Officer, Santa Clara LAFCo; Luis Tapia, Policy Analyst, Orange LAFCo
Moderated by: Robert Barry, Chief Analyst, San Diego LAFCo

Now more than ever, LAFCos across California need to emphasize their relevance and influence among stakeholders. Join Erin Gilhuly (CV Strategies) and Justin Wallin (J. Wallin Opinion Research) as they present how the nexus of opinion research and artful story-telling deliver compelling brands and effective, lasting messaging strategies for public agencies. Creative messaging is critical to every LAFCo’s success in leading public initiatives and governance in a continuously changing legislative and economic environment. Presenters will illustrate how understanding – and tracking - public opinion helps effective communications, developing community support and influencing behaviors.
Articulating the significance of LAFCo, agency partnership in resource management and development, and significance of environmental stewardship and conscientious planning will strengthen public and governmental relations, fostering collaboration and support among partners. Attendees will learn the value of message prioritization and consistency, married with artful branding and story-telling in the context of public agencies, best practices and pitfalls. Presenters will describe how to create best-of-breed, data-driven public outreach efforts, illustrated with real-world examples, data and case studies/success stories.

Presented by: Erin Gilhuly, President, CV Strategies and Justin I. Wallin, CEO, Wallin Opinion Research

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