2015 Conference Materials

Speakers: Ken Alex, Director, OPR; John Laird, Secretary, Dept. of Natural Resources; Karen Ross, Secretary, Dept. of Food & Agriculture. Moderator: John Leopold, Commissioner, Santa Cruz LAFCo. There are no materials to download for this session. 

Speakers: Lina Hernandez, Early Learning Assoc., Knights Landing Yolo Center for Families; Maria Eugene Martinez, English Language & Response to Intervention Spec., Woodland Joint USD; Michael Ort, President/CEO, Praxis; David Ruderman, Attorney, Colantuono, Highsmith & Whatley; Sunne Wright McPeak, President/CEO, CA Emerging Technology Fund. Moderator: Sblend Sblendorio, Commissioner, Alameda LAFCo.

Speakers: Hans Johnson, Senior Fellow and Bren Fellow, Public Policy Institute of CA; Holly Whatley, Attorney, Colantuono, Highsmith & Whatley. Moderator: David Fey, Executive Officer, Fresno LAFCo.

Speakers: Diane Cummings, Dep. Director of Credit/CCO, IBank; Alice Scott, Dep. Director Internal Affairs, IBank; Kristyne Van Skike, Dept. Water Resources. Moderator: Gay Jones, Commissioner, Sacramento LAFCo.

Speakers: Jeffrey Goldman, Principal, AECOM; Raef Porter, Climate and Energy Team Mgr., SACOG. Moderator: Kate Meis, Executive Director, Local Government Commission.

Speakers: David Church, Executive Officer, San Luis Obispo LAFCo; Mark Cowin, Director, Dept. of Water Resources; Jill Duerig, GM, Zone 7 Water Agency; Matt Hurley, ACWA Board Member; Darrell Steinberg, former Senate President Pro Tem. Moderator: Roger Welt, Commissioner, Santa Barbara LAFCo.

LAFCO 101 Speakers: Michael Colantuono, LAFCo Legal Counsel; Carolyn Emery, Executive Officer, Orange LAFC; Mary Jane Griego, Yuba LAFCo Commissioner. Moderator: Lou Ann Texeira, Executive Officer, Contra Costa LAFCo.

Speakers: Louise Bedsworth, Dep. Director, OPR; Kate Sears, Commissioner, Marin LAFCo; Will Travis, Former Director, Bay Area Conservation & Development Commission. Moderator: Keene Simonds, Executive Officer, Marin LAFCo.

Speakers: Steve Brandt, Principal Planner, Quad Knopf; Ben Giuliani, Executive Officer, Tulare LAFCo; Jerome Keene, Senior Planner, Quad Knopf; Neelima Palacherla, Executive Officer, Santa Clara LAFCo. Moderator: William Kirby, Commissioner, Placer LAFCo.