When When LAFCo Opinions Collide: Exploring the unique perspectives of LAFCo Commissioners, Legal Counsel and Staff

Held June 26, 2017 in Sacramento
Great minds don’t always think alike. So just what happens when the opinions of your LAFCo Commissioners, Legal Counsel and Staff do not align? Join us for what promises to be unique learning opportunity as we explore this provocative topic. We will hear from a panel of expert LAFCo attorneys who will provide insights into the legal recommendations they make to Commissions. We will also focus on the legal and policy issues faced by Commissioners when deliberating and making their final decisions. We will then delve into specific LAFCo case studies in which great minds did not think alike. Attorneys will also cover a number of important topics:

  • Conflicts of interest; I can vote on that-really!?
  • What is Quasi-Legislative?
  • Current case law review and update
  • Broad conditioning – How broad?
  • Broad discretion in light of the record