Throw out the historic water framework: What do LAFCos do now?

Held December 6, 2021 via webinar.

As of early October this year, the entire state was considered in some level of drought, ranging from moderate to exceptional drought, with the overwhelming majority of the state in either extreme or exceptional drought (source is the US drought monitor map dated 10/5/21). While California is no stranger to drought, each series of droughts wreaks greater havoc and takes longer to recover from. For many communities, accessibility to safe, affordable drinking water is hard to come by – and in some areas, groundwater is pumped until the landscape is literally changed. Given all of this, what is an adequate, sustainable water supply these days? How do we – from the state to the local level – reframe the view and the conversation from reactive to proactive and work together more cooperatively? How should LAFCos plan for and respond to the ongoing water crisis?

Join us for this highly informative session as we cover varying perspectives on a myriad of water issues. We will hear the State Water Board’s view on many of these questions including how they view emergency damage control such as water system extensions and hauling. We will hear from a LAFCo Commissioner (and also County Supervisor) from the central valley and get some local context of SGMA, including a case study and insights on what LAFCos can do in terms of dealing with these difficult issues. We will also hear about a case study currently playing out from a northern region LAFCo Executive Officer that involves a community water system in drought crisis, and LAFCos role and challenges in determining an adequate and sustainable water supply.
Webinar is available for on-demand viewing for CALAFCO members only.