SB 375: What is LAFCo's Role?

Held March 12, 2009 in Los Angeles and March 27, 2009 in San Jose

SB 375 refers to Sustainable Communities Strategy, California Air Resources Board, Regional Targets Advisory Committees, Scoping Plans, Regional Housing Needs Assessments, CEQA streamlining, Regional Transportation Plan, current planning assumptions and transit priority projects. Huh? What does it mean for LAFCo’s municipal service reviews and sphere of influence updates? How do the goals of SB 375 align with LAFCo’s legislative mandates? How can we increase coordination and reduce the potential for disagreements with all the agencies involved? Should LAFCo ensure that our actions are consistent with the SB 375, regional strategy, regional housing or greenhouse gas reduction targets?  This workshop will try to answer some of the questions on what SB 375 will mean to LAFCo.  The process of implementing SB 375 will be explained by experts from agencies involved. Case studies will be used to focus the discussion on SB 375’s impacts to LAFCos and LAFCos’ role in implementation.