LAFCOs Role in Agricultural Resources, Preservation, and Mitigation

Held August 11, 2014 in Sacramento.

This is an informative and robust discussion on LAFCos role in the preservation of Agricultural Resources in the state of California. The ability for LAFCos to fulfill this part of their mission is tested and challenged regularly. So what’s new in the world of Ag Preservation and Mitigation? This session will focus on various viewpoints of that question – from the state level to the local LAFCo level. These discussions will allow sharing of new and updated information from all levels from experts on the topic. We will hear new research data from the American Farmland Trust, and gain insight into the state’s perspective on current and future agricultural resources. We will also hear from several LAFCos throughout the state on their successful efforts in the area of developing and executing Ag Policies for their regions. Hear first-hand what the challenges were and how they were overcome to develop and implement these best-practices policies. We will also hear from highly experienced legal counsel on the latest legal issues and case law pertaining to Ag mitigation.