LAFCo's Evolving Role: New laws and transparency

Held January 22, 2018 in Sacramento

LAFCo’s often take on a multitude of activities related to government services. Over the last couple years the legislature has generously provided LAFCo with additional opportunities to serve. This course will explore the new responsibilities and requirements given to LAFCo. We will also look on the evolving topic of transparency, how are we doing, and what’s on the horizon. So let’s look at:

  • 2016 Laws: SB 239, SB 272, SB 1266, AB 2257
  • 2017 Laws: AB 1361, SB 448, AB 979
  • Little Hoover Commission Recommendations
  • Transparency: How are we doing? Where are we going?
  • Complete a Transparency Checklist

This course will explore the various roles and how different LAFCos accomplish the goal of serving our many constituents. Given all the transparency requirements for local government these days, we will also take time to review what LAFCos should be doing in this area and provide you with a checklist to ensure you are up to date on requirements.