LAFCos’ Critical Role in Moving Forward in the Crisis Realities of 2020 and Beyond

Held via webinar December 7, 2020
Webinar is available for on-demand viewing for CALAFCO Members only.

This session explores LAFCos role in rebuilding and revitalizing our communities. In light of the economic fallout of the pandemic, historic wildfire season and other factors, LAFCo has an important role to play in guiding the local recovery process. The pandemic exposed and highlighted old paradigms and existing inequities such as access to services (including healthcare), broadband, healthy food, clean water and access to outdoor parks and open space. In this session, we will explore LAFCos role with respect to these access issues and what LAFCo powers intersect with these issues. We will have the provocative and necessary conversation of LAFCos value and the need for proactive LAFCo leadership now more than ever. Our panel, along with attendees, will look at what it means for LAFCo to step into the role of convener and facilitator to be a local government champion and rebuild communities, along with the tools LAFCo has to do so. This includes leading conversations without bias, developing more efficient services (including looking at how the content and process of conducting Municipal Service Reviews and what factors should be considered in the review of a Proposal and how they can be adapted to more effectively meet the changing external factors), partnering to rebuild local economies in a balance way, and making the difficult decisions of taking crisis actions together with stressed agencies.