LAFCo as a Regional Partner: New Perspectives & Best Practices

Held October 28, 2011 in Sacramento

This course will explore the roles, authority and dynamics of LAFCos engaged in policy, planning and regulatory activities in their regions.  Learn about opportunities for LAFCos to enhance working relationships with public and private entities to address the broad environmental, economic and social challenges of our time. Timely topics will include: (1) encouraging LAFCos to take a holistic approach to food production, open space, mineral resources, energy production and watershed planning; (2) working with the interagency California Strategic Growth Council and its grant programs, data and information in support of  local and regional sustainability; (3) understanding the roles and authority of LAFCos to undertake and participate in regional and statewide studies, projects and other public and private initiatives; and (4) informative case study experiences of LAFCos in Sacramento, the San Francisco Bay Area, Southern California and the San Joaquin Valley.