LAFCo as a Catalyst: Facilitation Skills for LAFCo Staff

Held February 4, 2011 in Sacramento

How many times have you found yourself trying to bring parties together to find common ground on an agreement, application, policy or study?  LAFCo staff can play an important facilitative role to encourage local agencies, community groups, neighborhoods and others to have a conversation with each other to address differences and seek solutions together.  Facilitation requires a specific set of skills. This course provides hand-on practices and techniques in effective facilitation. Participants will learn: The facilitative process; Establishing expectations: yours and theirs; How to prepare yourself and the parties; The art of constructing an agenda; Roles and responsibilities of the facilitator; Techniques to guide discovery, discussion and agreement; Practices to handle conflict, resistance and stalls; Moving a facilitation to closure and we will use a San Luis Obispo LAFCo case study.