Implementing SB 88 - Water System Consolidations: What Does it Mean for LAFCos?

Held November 9, 2015 in Sacramento.

Senate Bill 88, one of the 2015-16 budget trailer bills, authorizes the State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) to order consolidations of water systems that consistently fail to provide an adequate supply of drinking water in disadvantaged communities. It also allows for certain CEQA exemptions with respect to well permitting or changes in land use and would exempt from CEQA the adoption of the initial regulations by the state board. So what does all of this mean for LAFCo? How will existing MSRs be used by the State as a resource?  What if LAFCo is already involved and there is a pending action? What will the consulting process between LAFCo and the SWRCB look like? What happens after the consolidation is finally ordered? Who does what and who files what? Join us for a discussion with the SWRCB and the Office of Research and Planning (OPR) to better understand how SB 88 will actually be implemented and how these changes may impact LAFCo. There will also be an opportunity to offer ideas on policy clean-up legislation.