Forming a Community Services District: Not Your Ordinary Formation

Held via webinar September 1, 2021.
Webinar available for on demand viewing for CALAFCO members only. 

A Community Services District (CSD) is a type of special district formed through Government Code 61000 et seq. to provide multiple services to a community. Given their broad scope, forming a CSD involves much more than procedures and paperwork. There are so many things to consider when forming a CSD it can get overwhelming and complicated. This session will navigate the formation process while helping you avoid some of the pesky and unnecessary pitfalls. The list serves are full of a potpourri of questions about CSDs…now’s your chance to get all those burning questions answered! Join us in this how-to session and learn from your colleagues all you ever wanted to know about forming a CSD.

Our diverse and experienced panel will consider: (1) What services can CSDs provide?; (2) Is forming a CSD the best option?; (3) What should you know?; (4) What options should be considered?and (5) What should you avoid?