Fiscal Health Indicators for Cities & Districts

Held June 7, 2021 via webinar
Webinar is available for on-demand viewing for CALAFCO Members only.

This unique session offers you the opportunity to expand your knowledge of the various types of documents that contain signs of a local agency’s financial stability and well-being.  We will offer guidance on how to conduct financial analyses of cities and districts and provide practical tips on how to distill and present financial data in a way that best informs a Municipal Service Review’s audience and invites improved government function. Our experienced panel will lead you through an overview of the purpose and contents of financial documents and reports, including where to find them and how to read them; talk about how to use other tools and measures designed to gauge financial health; help you hone your skills in making reasonable assumptions, conclusions, and recommendations using hard data as well as “intangibles”; discuss the difference of conducting a fiscal analysis in-house vs. hiring an expert; and present a case study of a fiscal analysis for a Municipal Service Review done in-house by LAFCo staff.