CEQA 201

This session will explore LAFCo’s use of CEQA exemptions and instances when LAFCo may need to be the Lead Agency. We will discuss items to consider when LAFCo is a Responsible Agency, or in the infrequent CEQA “driver seat” and finally, when an applicant tries to submit “half-cooked CEQA work”. We will exchange ideas with seasoned EOs and LAFCo legal counsel. Don’t be frighten by CEQA, join us and learn how LAFCos’ adapt to environmental review. Moderator: SR Jones, Executive Officer, Nevada LAFCo. Speakers: Scott Browne, Attorney, Law Office of P. Scott Browne; Nathaniel Taylor, Senior Planner, Lamphier-Gregory; Holly Whatley, Attorney, Colantuono, Highsmith & Whatley, PC