LAFCo 101 – Understanding and applying the basics

This informative and interactive session is intended to provide elected officials and staff members with a better working knowledge of LAFCos processes, legal framework and procedures. You will have the opportunity to work together in small groups to discuss and resolve some challenging LAFCo scenarios. We will discuss a number of topics: the authority and purpose of LAFCo, the LAFCo review process; the laws involved in LAFCo decisions and updating Spheres of Influence and Municipal Service Reviews. Panelists will share insights and stories relevant to LAFCo decisions. You always learn (or relearn) something by attending a LAFCo 101 session! Please join us for this fun and hands-on session on the LAFCo basics and more!

Panelists include: Carole Cooper, Assistant Executive Officer, Sonoma LAFCo; Paula de Sousa-Mills, LAFCo Attorney, Best Best & Krieger; and David West, Commissioner, Imperial LAFCo. Moderated by: David Church, Executive Officer, San Luis Obispo LAFCo