It takes a village: State, County and LAFCo collaboration to solve a local problem

Sometimes solving local issues locally is tough and at times we all need a little help.  What do you do with a service provider who just can’t do the right thing? How do you know if and when you have exhausted all of the local options? What’s the response when the situation reaches crisis levels? At what point does the LAFCo seek state assistance and intervention? This session explores these questions through a case study of the Sativa County Water Agency and the extraordinary collaborative effort it took to resolve the problem. 

Panelists include: Honorable Mike Gipson, California State Assemblymember; Janice Hahn, Chair, Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors; Jeff O’Keefe, P.E., Supervising Sanitary Engineer, State Water Resources Control Board, Division of Drinking Water; and Mark Pestrella, Director, Los Angeles County Department of Public Works. Moderated by: Paul Novak, AICP, Executive Officer, Los Angeles LAFCo