Innovations in service delivery: Doing government differently

Explore the amazing world of local government innovation: Streetlamps that help solve crimes, wastewater treated in four hours instead of 30 days, drones used to engage citizens and much more. “One-stop” government is becoming “no-stop” government. Today’s constituents want access to government services in the same way they do everything online – fast, easy and protected. Technology is pushing the envelope of what is possible in government and decision makers like you are leading the way. 

Panelists include: Mai Ann Healy, Head of Business Development, BioFiltro; Dan Henderson, Regional Manager for Local Government, Environmental Systems Research Institute (Esri); Laura Taylor, Park Planning and Development Manager, Cordova Recreation and Park District; Almis Udrys, Deputy Chief of Staff, Office of the Mayor, City of San Diego. Moderated by: Dawn Mittleman Longoria, Analyst, Napa LAFCo.

Presentation materials are large files, please be patient when downloading. Video function on several slides not enabled.