Words from the wise: Lessons and insights from LAFCo Jedi Masters

Our long-serving professionals are a fountain of wealth and we interact with them through the list serves, but have we taken the opportunity to really learn from them?  It is easy to assume that we know everything, that we invented “LAFCo,” or that we have experienced all that there is in our careers.   The truth is many of us don't ask our elders nearly enough about their legendary mastery over difficult scenarios or the lessons they learned the hard way.  Part of that process is asking the right questions.  Join us for a lively and enlightening discussion where your professional inquiries (and more) will be addressed.
Speakers: Clark Alsop, Legal Counsel, San Bernardino LAFCo & CALAFCO; Paul Hood, Executive Officer, Santa Barbara LAFCo; Elizabeth Castro Kemper, Retired Executive Officer, Yolo LAFCo; Patrick McCormick, Executive Officer, Santa Cruz LAFCo; George J. Spiliotis, Executive Officer, Riverside LAFCo. Moderator: Kate McKenna, AICP, Executive Officer, Monterey LAFCo.