Using ArcGIS for LAFCo-related work: The need for visual aids and a tool to get you there

Maps are a powerful graphic tool used by LAFCos to visually represent a change of organization, special study area, boundary discrepancy, sphere amendment or any other project.  This session will highlight how LAFCos effectively use maps, provide examples of different types of maps created by LAFCo, and discuss the benefits of ArcGIS – a mapping program used by several LAFCos around the state.  This is a great opportunity to learn how to successfully implement maps in your next Commission presentation or MSR/SOI study. Speakers: Crystal Craig, Local Government Analyst, Riverside LAFCo; Samuel Martinez, Assistant Executive Officer, San Bernardino LAFCo. Moderator: Darren McBain, Senior Analyst, Monterey LAFCo. 

Presentation coming soon.