State tools for climate smart growth

In partnership with CALAFCO, the Strategic Growth Council (SGC) and the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research have developed a paper on climate smart growth practices to support LAFCos and other local agencies by encouraging efficient development and protecting natural and working lands. The session will highlight information about State tools and resources that support LAFCos’ work, including Urban Footprint, a powerful urban planning software. The session will also feature case studies from several LAFCos of successful climate smart growth policies and practices.

Presented by: Jim DeMartini, Commissioner, Stanislaus LAFCo; Andrew Fetterer, VP of Product Management and Marketing, Urban Footprint ; Ena Lupine, Communications and Policy Advisor, Strategic Growth Council; Susan Vicklund-Wilson, Commissioner, Santa Clara LAFCo
Moderated by: Emily Tibbott, Senior Advisor, Environmental Science & Policy, Strategic Growth Council