Municipal Service Reviews – Friend or foe? Using MSRs for more than a bookend

The legislature gave LAFCos flexibility in implementing MSRs, and as we all know “one size does not fit all”. This session will explore the successes and challenges of fulfilling our mandate and significant variations in implementation across the state. The speakers will engage the audience in an honest dialogue of MSR questions we all face: Are we meeting its intended purpose? How should we balance “comprehensive” yet be practical with resources? Are they worth the tremendous effort? What’s the value and how MSRs being used creatively? What’s the legislature’s next step thinking for MSRs?

Presented by: Michael Colantuono, President, Colantuono, Highsmith & Whatley, PC; Pamela Miller, Executive Director, CALAFCO
Moderated by: Christine Crawford, Executive Officer, Yolo LAFCo