LAFCos & affordable housing: What’s the connection?

LAFCos are to look at the extent to which a project will help a city or county achieve their fair share of regional housing needs during the review of a proposal, but are not allowed to directly condition land use density, intensity or subdivision requirements.  This session will explore LAFCo's role in addressing the housing shortage in California and present examples where commissions have been a positive partner in helping communities accommodate affordable housing.  Small group discussions will give you the chance to share challenges and identify best practices among the different regions of the state.

Presented by: Robert Barry, AICP, Chief Analyst, San Diego LAFCo; Daron McDaniel, Commissioner, Merced LAFCo; Betsy McGovern-Garcia, Program Director, Self-Help Enterprises
Moderated by: Bill Nicholson, Executive Officer, Merced & San Benito LAFCos