LAFCo’s role to encourage and support local agency accountability and transparency

What happens when an MSR reveals that a local agency is not performing to the standard of its principal act?  Or when facts in the MSR demonstrate a local agency’s lack of accountability to its constituents.  What can - and should - a LAFCo do to encourage a local agency’s accountability and transparency?  The panelists will explore the range of statutory and local policy options, as well as web-based services, to encourage local agency accountability, offer their insights into how LAFCo determinations can be guided through political minefields, and describe how local agencies’ accountability to the public can be supported through web-based products and services.  

Presented by: Sloane Dell’Orto, COO, Digital Deployment; John B. Withers, Former Commissioner, Orange LAFCo
Moderated byDavid Fey, Executive Officer, Fresno LAFCo