Agricultural preservation: From vision to action

A diverse panel of experts/practitioners will share their deep knowledge and first-hand experience on some hot topics covered in American Farmland Trust and CALAFCO’s recent White Paper – State of the Art on Agricultural Preservation, including: preserving farmland in this age of climate change, strategic tools for preserving farmland in your county, and LAFCo vs. Farmland Mapping and Monitoring Program’s definitions for prime farmland, and LAFCo’s role in leading ag preservation.

Presented by: Kai Luoma, Executive Officer, Ventura LAFCo; Kate McKenna, AICP, Executive Officer, Monterey LAFCo; Andrea Mackenzie, GM Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority; Nathaniel Roth, Geographic Information Officer, CA Department of Conservation; Don Tatzin, Commissioner, Contra Costa LAFCo
Moderated by: Neelima Palacherla, Executive Officer, Santa Clara LAFCo  

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