SGMA and LAFCos: Covering it all Including Water, Science, Law and Governance (General Session)

SGMA requires the formation of local groundwater sustainability agencies (GSAs) that must assess conditions in their local water basins and adopt locally-based management plans. The formation of GSAs has sparked interest in water district formation and governance in a number of California communities. LAFCos are sometimes caught in the middle of landowner desires to have a GSA and voice at the table and those stakeholders who do not want additional regulation. Today’s panel of experts intends to explore the scientific, legal and governing issues involved in managing California groundwater resources today. 
Speakers: Lauren Layne, Shareholder, Baker Manock & Jensen; Derrick Williams, Hydrogeologist, Hydro Metrics WRI; Steve Lucas, Executive Officer, Butte LAFCo. Moderator: Paul Hood, Executive Officer, Santa Barbara LAFCo.