Making Sense of Out of Area Service Agreements

This session will provide an entertaining overview of Government Code Section 56133, how it applies and the various exceptions to LAFCo’s approval role. We will explore whether this law promotes illegitimate extension of services into the countryside supporting leap frog development instead of requiring logical and orderly annexation to the city
or district. The alternate view considered is that it provides a nifty tool for LAFCos to exert local discretion in solving service delivery problems outside the ridged confines of the CKH annexation process.
Speakers: José C. Henríquez, Executive Officer, El Dorado LAFCo; Sara Lytle-Pinhey, Executive Officer, Stanislaus LAFCo; George Spiliotis, Executive Officer, Riverside LAFCo
Moderator: Bill Nicholson, Executive Officer, Merced and San Benito LAFCos.