Local Agencies’ Fiscal Health: What is LAFCos’ Role?

A study recently cited that California Cities are more fiscally challenged than other cities across the nation.  Special districts, particularly fire districts, are increasingly proposing consolidation in a reaction to their fiscal challenges.  Many are aware of the fundamental issues: retirement liabilities, Proposition 13 and redevelopment elimination among other.  What can your LAFCo actually do to avert what seems to be a crisis happening in slow motion with little relief on the way from Sacramento?  Should LAFCos do more, and if so, what?

Presented by: Andrew Belknap, Regional Vice President, Management Partners; Marlene Best, City Manager, City of Santee; Joone Lopez, General Manager, Moulton Niguel Water District
Moderated by: Jim Simon, President/Principal, Rosenow Spevacek Group, Inc.