CEQA – What is a Responsible Agency To Do?

LAFCos, which typically serve as responsible agencies under the California Environmental Quality Act, have few options when it comes to dealing with inadequate environmental documents prepared by lead agencies.  Can we refuse to accept the document?  Doubtful.  Can we challenge the document in court? Maybe. Can we prepare our own CEQA document?  Perhaps.  Can we deny the proposal? Yes.  Join us to hear about how three LAFCos used different approaches to address the inadequacy of CEQA documents prepared by lead agencies.  
Scott Browne, Attorney, P. Scott Browne, Esq.; Malathy Subramanian, Attorney, Best Best & Krieger; Michael Walker, Chief Asst. County Counsel, Ventura County. Moderator: Susan Vicklund Wilson, Commissioner, Santa Clara LAFCo