Adopted Positions for the 2017 Legislative Session


AB 464 (Gallagher) CALAFCO SPONSOR
This bill makes a fix to Gov. Code Sec. 56653 based on the court finding in the case of The City of Patterson v. Turlock Irrigation District. The court found that because the services were already being provided via an out of area service agreement, the application for annexation was deemed incomplete because it was not a new service to be provided. By making the fix in statute, any pending/future annexation for a territory that is already receiving services via an out of area service agreement will not be in jeopardy. 

The bill amends code Sec. 56332.5 to streamline the process of seating special districts on LAFCo by mirroring current statute 56332 (the process for electing special district representatives into the special district seats). Keeping the process voluntary, it allows for voting by mail whether or not the district wants to have special districts represented on LAFCo. Further, it will allow for the consolidation of that question with the independent special district selection committee appointment to a countywide redevelopment agency oversight board pursuant to Health and Safety Code 34179 (j)(3).

AB 1725 (Assembly Local Government Committee) CALAFCO SPONSOR
This is the annual Omnibus bill. The bill makes only minor, non-substantive technical changes to CKH.

AB 1728 (Assembly Local Government Committee) 
This bill requires healthcare districts to adopt annual budgets, establish and maintain a website (and prescribes the required site content), and adopt policies for grant funding.

SB 37 (Roth) 
This bill is identical to SB 817 (Roth, 2016), SB 25 (Roth, 2015) and SB 69 (Roth, 2014) with the exception of the chaptering out language included in the 2016 version (which addressed the companion bill AB 2277 (Melendez, 2016)). The bill calls for reinstatement of the VLF through ERAF for cities that incorporated between January 1, 2004 and January 1, 2012. There are no provisions for back payments for lost revenue, but the bill does reinstate future payments beginning in the 2017/18 year for cities that incorporated between 1-1-2004 and 1-1-2012.

SB 206 - SB 207 - SB 208 (Senate Governance & Finance Committee)
Three annual acts which validate the boundaries of all local agencies.

SB 435 (Dodd)
This bill renews partial subvention funding for the Williamson Act as a fiscal incentive to lift contract moratoria, implements solar use easements and Farmland Security Zone Contracts, and increases subvention funding for counties that adopt conservation planning strategies for agriculturally zoned property that further our state’s sustainable community goals.

SB 448 (Wieckowski)
This bill authorizes LAFCo to dissolve inactive districts (after determining they meet the criteria set forth in the statute) by holding one hearing, without conducting a special study and with the waiver of protest proceedings.


AB 1479 (Bonta)
As amended this bill requires any public agency to designate a person/office to act as the agency's custodian of records who will be responsible for responding to all public records requests and to respond to an inquiries as to why the agency denied the request for records. Further the bill adds a failure to respond for records or an improperly assessed fee can be considered a civil penalty and allows the courts to issue fines ranging from $1000 - $5000.

AB 1361 (Garcia)
As amended, this bill allows water districts to provide service to an Indian tribe’s lands that are not within the district boundaries without going through the current statutory process of approval by LAFCo. Amendments were taken by the author several times that include LAFCo's ability to apply certain terms and conditions to the application by the water agency and limits the land to be served to lands in trust. CALAFCO remains opposed due to many concerns about the vague language and that LAFCo powers are limited. 

SB 365 (Dodd)
This bill calls for the formation of a regional park and open space district which will circumvent the LAFCo formation process.