What is LAFCo's composition?

The composition of LAFCo varies from county to county. Nearly all LAFCos are composed of two members from the Board of Supervisors and two members from the city councils in that county. Many commissions also have two members from the independent special districts in that county. In turn, these members select a representative of the general public – an individual who is not seated on any elected body.

For each category represented on LAFCo, there is an alternate member. Alternate members may attend LAFCo meetings and participate in the discussion of items, but they only vote on items when a regular member from their category is absent. Some LAFCos, including Los Angeles, Sacramento, Santa Clara, Kern, and San Diego, have, through special legislation, reserved a seat on the Commission for a representative from the county's major city.

Each agency that is eligible to have one of its officials seated on the Commission must contribute to the LAFCo budget. The amount of this contribution is determined by statute, and varies in each county.