CALAFCO University Course Announced for June 26

CALAFCO is pleased to announce a new session scheduled for Monday, June 26 in Sacramento. Join us for When LAFCo Opinions Collide: Exploring the unique perspectives of LAFCo Commissioners, Legal Counsel and Staff.  Great minds don't always think alike. So just what happens then the opinions of LAFCo Commissioners, Legal Counsel and Staff do not align? Joins us for this provocative session and find out! This unique learning opportunity will feature several LAFCo Legal Counsel offering legal updates and insights into the recommendations made to Commissions. We will also delve into three actual LAFCo case studies presented by LAFCo Commissioners, Executive Officers and Legal Counsel. Download the full CALAFCO U Course Announcement for details. You can use the announcement as the registration form and mail your payment to CALAFCO. Or register and pay online today.  CALAFCO member registration for this one-day event is only $75 per person ($60 for three or more from the same LAFCo).  This session is for LAFCo Commissioners and staff, and CALAFCO Associate members.