CALAFCO Releases White Paper on the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act and LAFCos

December 27, 2016

CALAFCO has just released a White Paper on SGMA and LAFCos. The purpose of the White Paper is to summarize how SGMA may impact LAFCos across the state. While LAFCos do not have a formal role in the implementation of SGMA, they can become involved in a number of ways. This Paper discusses some of the ways LAFCos may be involved. 

CALAFCO thanks those who contributed to the White Paper including Best Best & Krieger, David Church (San Luis Obispo LAFCo), John Marchand (Alameda LAFCo), Mona Palacios (Alameda LAFCo) and special thank you to Tina Leahy (State Water Resources Control Board) for her technical contribution. 

Download the Paper